Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No reason to recall

Consumer Reports review of the iPhone 4, which resulted in a "don't buy" recommendation, initiated a debate about a possible iPhone 4 recall. Consumer Reports argued that the infamous antenna issue prevents the magazine from recommending it to consumers. In all the other aspects that were tested by the magazine, iPhone 4 scored best. 

But no recall is needed. There is a much simpler solution, which is also cost effective. Each iPhone 4 owner should receive from Apple a silicon case at no cost. The same one Apple is selling in its online store for 30$. Apple should provide it in white, in black, just give it to them already!. But Apple will not do it. Since such an action will admit that there is a genuine fault with the product. The product that they praise so much. The product that has "changed the mobile game again". Not to mention that this silicon case will hide the outer design of the cell phone, the same design Jobs was to proud of in the keynote speech.

But how come such a basic fault was not revealed in early testing? Were Apple engineers not holding the phone the way a normal human being does?

I believe the answer is simple. We all know Apple paranoia from new designs leaking to the public, making Steve Jobs speech useless. But iPhone 4 must be tested. And it must be tested in real life. So how would you do that? Simple - you camouflage it. And the easiest way to do that is using a case. That's right. The same case the SOLVE the antenna issue.

Here is a qoute from there:
The case it came inside was a fully developed plastic case to house this phone to disguise it like a 3GS. This wasn't just a normal case; it had all the proper new holes cut out for the new switches and ports and camera holes and camera flash. But it looks like something from Belkin or Case-Mate. It's a perfect disguise.

Isn't that amazing?

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