Sunday, July 18, 2010

Phones are not perfect. Neither some press conferences.

Apple press conference on July 16th, in response to the "AntennaGate", was not satisfying at all. Although Apple promised free cases,  and a full refund ( 2 out of the 3 steps suggested 20 days ago ) as a remedy, something is still missing. What is still missing is Apple confession that there is a real issue. Not a SW glitch, not a manufacturing defect, but a real design fault. The fault is that the iPhone 4 is the only phone that its user must physically contact its antenna directly when holding it. This is a major design decision, that benefited Apple with compliments for a sophisticated design, but now, when the same design backfires, it ignores the consequences of that important decision.

Lets go over Steve Jobs presentation at the press conference step by step. But before that, let me start with the obvious: Steve Jobs was at its best at the conference, as always in such gatherings. His presentation was flawless, sharp and well managed. I love to hear his presentations, no matter what the subject is. The problem was with the message he tried to convey. The message was wrong, and he was barking up the wrong trees.

Part 1 - Phones are not perfect

Jobs showed here 3 popular phone models from RIM, HTC and Samsung that drop bars when gripped in a similar manner, and said that phones, including the iPhone, are not perfect. Steve - those are the wrong trees! People expect to hear answers about your iPhone, not about other phones! Are you suggesting that the iPhone is just like any other phone in the market? What kind of message is that?
And when you put in the same bed RIM, HTC and Samsung, except to hear responses as sarcastic as RIM's, saying "One thing is for certain, RIM’s customers don’t need to use a case for their BlackBerry smartphone to maintain proper connectivity."

Spin failure #1.

Part 2&3 - AppleCare Data and Phone Return Rate

Jobs presented the number of  0.55% complaints about reception/antenna that was accepted at AppleCare. Plus, the phone return rate was 1.7% return rate. We can not argue with such numbers, but we can only ask: Does Apple document what is the costumer reason for returning the phone? it would be interesting to know how many costumers returned a phone due to a reception issue.

Part 4 - Call Drops

Jobs was not willing provide the total numbers of calls dropped in iPhone 4. He was only saying that the ADDITIONAL call drop of iPhone 4 compared to iPhone 3GS was  <1. When refereeing to delta numbers, and not absolute numbers, the immediate response  is try to guess what the original number is. Assuming iPhone 3GS has 1 call drop per 100 calls drop. If iPhone4 adds 1 more call drop, that's 100% increase -  That's an amazing number! 
But notice Jobs theory about it - the additional call drop number is due to lack of matching silicon cases/Bumpers. Ahh? Are you listening to yourself? Using the iPhone with no silicon cases results in increased call drop? That's how useful is the phone without a case? 

Spin failure #2.

Part 5 - Free Cases 

Jobs promised here a free case for each iPhone owner.
Listen Steve: You buy an apple iPhone because of its design. Because it feels great in your hand. If you wanted to hold a plastic feeling phone, you could have bought a plain old Nokia instead, at a fraction of the price.

To conclude:
I still think no recall is needed. The phone is useful, best in its class even according to the Consumer Reports magazine. In case you experience your phone to be dropping more calls, buy/get from Apple a bumper case. But I am sorry that such a great company as Apple, a company that invents neat and coll stuff, can not face the public and say: There is a fault in our design. Luckily for us, a silicon case solve it and no recall is needed.

There is only one simple truth: If there is no problem in iPhone4, why you need to deliver free cases?

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